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Arts and Culture Festival 2022


The KulturRegion Stuttgart develops cultural projects together with its 43 member municipalities, the Verband Region Stuttgart and three member associations and thus shapes the cultural image of the region. Every two years, the inter-communal association realises a large-scale project on regional and socially relevant topics. Contemporary art formats are presented at unusual locations as part of a region-wide festival.

How do we want to live in the future? In the face of climate change and technological transformation, the KulturRegion Stuttgart asks about the identity and values of the region. Along a triangle of work, nature and technology, values from the past and present are renegotiated for a tomorrow after the coming crises.

From 23.9.–16.10.2022, these processes, practices, ideas and temporary spaces became visible in an interdisciplinary festival lasting several weeks in over 20 municipalities in the Stuttgart region. The spectrum ranged from exhibitions, installations and concerts to participatory works and public discourse formats.

Superultraplus developed the corporate design for the art festival, including communication media such as the programme booklet, folding card, posters and much more.