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National Library of Norway / Exhibition design

Ja er det korteste ordet i verden

The National Library of Norway was established in 1989. Its principal is “to preserve the past for the future”. The institution collect, index and preserve for posterity Norwegian published knowledge and culture production in all media.

Gunvor Hofmo is considered one of the leading Norwegian writers of her generation and has remained an important voice in Norwegian modernism. «Ja er det korteste ordet I verden» (“Yes is the shortes word in the world”) is an exhibition for the National Library of Norway to celebrate Hofmo’s 100th anniversary as a writer. The exhibition features seven poems referring to seven different aspects of Gunvor Hofmo’s life and work, in which we have used color and form to create a unique atmosphere to each one. A clean and firm typography, combining clear lines and geometric shapes adds to the literary theme of the exhibition.

Photos: Gorm K. Gaare / Nasjonalbiblioteket