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Hager Group / Annual Report 2021/22

People, passion and change

We are all part of a huge, interlinked ecosystem. Creating a sustainable world is possible if enough people want it. The people and industry have the responsibility to lead the way and help contribute to this change. The central theme of the 2021/22 Hager Group Annual Report is people and their commitment and passion to make sustainable changes.

In this 2021/22 annual report, you can learn about various Hager Group projects to reduce CO2 emissions or save plastic by developing new, innovative packaging. We are introducing colleagues who are helping to learn new ways of working and develop different skills to better prepare our future. And many more.

The design concept is first and foremost an image concept that foregrounds a selection of people who are making the change towards a more sustainable world possible – representative for all of them.

Along with Cate Shaw and Stefan Kranz, we developed the concept, did the art direction and designed the report. Most of the photos are by Jan Ladwig.