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Hager Group / Annual Report 2019/20

A journey into the future

Hager Group is a leading supplier of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The company was founded in 1955, is owned and run by members of the Hager family, with its head office in Blieskastel, Germany.

In the context of the Corona Pandemic, the Hager Group Annual Report 2019/20 is a report from an eventful time. Called "A journey into the future", almost all reports and interviews revolve around our customers. What really moves them? How can we meet their expressed and unexpressed wishes? And above all: how do we conquer the future together with them?

Along with Harald Willenbrock, we developed the concept, did the art direction and designed the report. Illustrations for Cover and Chapters are made by Thilo Rothacker.