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Fellbach erleben / Discover Fellbach

A green heart at the pulse of the city

Fellbach without wine is like Hamburg without a harbor. Regional producers, from winemakers to farmers, is what makes Fellbach special. The city between Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg represents the small moments in nature, which can be big, and the big cultural moments, in a more intimate setting. Famous and yet full of little-known attractions.

"Close and in the heart of it" describes the visual concept we developed for the new brand - consisting of logo, color, typeface, an individual icon set as well as a matching visual language.

The first documented mention of Fellbach goes back to the Countess Palatine Luitgard of Calw, to whom we have created an iconographic tribute. The resulting design elements form a content-related and visual bracket for the profiling themes of culture, enjoyment and wine: recognizable, flexible and versatile.

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